Particle Beam

by Charles Otis

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From the up coming album "Particle Beam" there are more tracks for this album that will be made available in the near future.


released January 21, 2013

Charles Otis - guitars, vocals, backing vocals, keys, drums, percussion & loop programming.



all rights reserved


Charles Otis Gainesville, Florida

I'm a 50 year old musician, singer and songwriter residing in Gainesville, Florida. I've been at song crafting a very long time. I'm passionate about it. I think that memorable musical pieces can be like a short audio / film or story. I love mixing technology with traditional rock and exotic ethnic instrumentation. You'll find a little bit of everything in what I do.

Charley Otis
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Track Name: Screen Gem by Charles Otis
Pump the pomp
suck the circumstance
ride the red
cut up the carpet
with clown couture

so you think you're gonna make a movie
you think you're gonna set the price tag
10 million dollars in the dust bin
kill the genius of a dead man
yoooooooooooou are killing a dream
yoooooooooooou won't make 'em believe

Cut a line
pop the bubbly
throw a toast
smash up the limo
cuz giiiiirl this party's dead

you twist and jerk like Jeannie
ain't no wish gonna fix this
your sashaying harem of sex pots
is waiting to cash in their payday
yoooooooooooooou won't make it a week
yoooooooooooooou'll be kissing the street

Riding the PCH buzzed on THC
extensions flying off in the breeze
the end of the road seems to bend bob and weave
her injuries come, but will she be well for the screen

you cry a lot
fog up the windscreen
pitch a fit
till daddy comes through
crazy night tied up with twizzlers
alcohol and pills delivered - on seeeeeeeeet!
she's a screen gem
she's a screen gem
Track Name: Monkey Shine by Charles Otis
Paleontological disguise
Fuckin' knuckle dragging - hippocratic lies

Drink your tonic down
know your humanity is sound
Even in the dark
When we monkey shine your soul apart

Experimental tests on human minds
Release an altered state we've learned to read and hide

Hold the subject down
obliterate everything profound
Pulverize his will
We're gonna Monkey Shine your path to hell.

(passage by Carl Jong)

dumb the public down

Throw the subjects down
obliterate everything we've found
Pulverize their will
We're gonna Monkey Shine the world to hell.

Monkey Shine!!!
Track Name: Quake and Fall by Charles Otis
Cindy's got your number
got a penchant for electronics
cyber-sensing dolly
she will rock you - till you quake and fall

She's drawing a line of teen distraction
she's chewing her gum and bouncing in time
to their urban withdrawal
while her victims - jerk at their drawers

Timmy likes his camera
likes to pose for the congressmen
sneaky little fucker
he'll be banking - like a diplomat

He's cutting up lines for party favors
to share with this pals
then the old man hits the floor
hog tied and handcuffed and painted for sport

Old time religion didn't do it's good god thang
they all tried to lock them and tie to wear medieval things
they think that they're so innocent, incapable and sweet
I'll tell you this the new millennia helped create those dad gum beasts

In the age of Aquarius
this sort of thing didn't happen
there were daises and day glow print
and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yes PCP

So you think that's the end?
Flash forward 2029
he's getting awards and shocking the crowds
She's breeding her guards and disarming their bombs
the victims she had are now doing their time

Wicked little children
they're modeled by this prefab world
clever as a raccoon
more deadly than Hiroshima
They're waiting in the kitchens
they're lurking in this shopping mall
much wiser to their killing
they'll rock you till you quake and fall
Track Name: Picture Phone by Rupert Hine Performed by Charles Otis
It's a reckless world
That lets itself be guided by its tools
But what our eyes can see we believe
This truth is not for fools
Is there nothing between us but plastic and wire
Will some modern invention prove you a liar
When you thought all the time it was this
It was that
And you didn't get that scratch from the cat

I'll be stripped to the skin
You'll be stripped to the bone
And we'll all say no to the picture-phone

It was so easy to cheat on a blind line
With an alibi and your image intact
Whatever the number -
Whatever the crime -
Not only the famous will have to resign

And you have come to depend
On your right to pretend you're alone
Would the star of the screen
Ever wish to be seen
Red-eyed and dying through the morning call
And the president's friends
Would they live for long
If they saw down the wire what really moves on
When you're home to relax
Come the facial attacks
And the breathers in masks - oh no! Well well!

I'll be stripped to the skin
You'll be stripped to the bone
And we'll all say no to the picture-phone
Is she the girl of your dreams
With her curlers and creams
Another fantasy's blown
And we'll all say no to the picture-phone

Early mornin' callin'
Tryin' to move my picture oooo oh
Early mornin' callin'
Tryin' to move my picture on the viddy phone.
Track Name: No Self Control - performed by Charles Otis written by Peter Gabriel
"No Self-Control"

Got to get some food
I'm so hungry all the time
I don't know how to stop
I don't know how to stop

Got to get some sleep
I'm so nervous in the night
I don't know how to stop
No, I don't know how to stop
I don't know how to stop
I don't know how to stop

Got to pick up the phone
I will call any number
I will talk to anyone
I know I'm gone too far
Much too far I gone this time
And I don't want to think what I've done
I don't know how to stop
No, I don't know how to stop

There are always hidden silences
Waiting behind the chair
They come out when the coast is clear
They eat anything that moves
I go shaky at the knees
Lights go out, stars come down
Like a swarm of bees

No self-control

You know I hate to hurt you
I hate to see your pain
But I don't know how to stop
No, I don't know how to stop

Street after street
Night after night
I walk on through the rain
I walk on through the rain
I don't know how to stop
Track Name: Distant Star by Charles Otis
Distant Star

8.6 light years to a distant star
humanity's tumbling in to the sun
build the arks and log the genomes
don't forget to lock your stare - kiss the blue goodbye
in the pocket 5x5
ignition pre-launch in the eye
system prolog - save their lives - save their lives - save their lives
anti gravity slinging our cells around
this crystal awakening comes from beyond
there are 8.6 light years to a distant star
humanity's coming into it's own
close your eyes and dream of daisies
let the serum flow and free your soul
kiss your mind goodbye
orbit axis - elliptic bend
oxynitro - atmosphere
cryo-systems - nominal - bring new life - bring new life
millions of eyes open on a violet sun
flora & fauna sparkling with charm
one step for mankind walking the pathes of gods
you will only remember what you've begun
build your cities & launch your kingdoms
cross your fingers now - don't cross your swords
leave your fear behind
found destiny on a distant star
found destiny on a distant star